PD Dr. Med. Michael Siassi

Specialist in Surgery and Visceral Surgery, Colonoscopy

Proctology – European Board of Surgery Qualification in Coloproctology (EBSQ)

Member of the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery
Member of the German Society for Coloproctology
Member of the German Cancer Society
Member of the Association of North German Surgeons
Specialty Areas:

Rectal diseases (Proctology)
Incontinence (involuntary stool loss) and pelvic floor weakness
Inguinal, umbilical, and scar hernias (Hernias)
Varicose veins (Varices)
Soft tissue procedures for inflammations, tumors, etc.
The professional title "Arzt" (doctor), the specialist recognition in "Surgery" and "Visceral Surgery," and the additional qualification in "Proctology" were obtained in the Federal Republic of Germany. The professional code for physicians of the Lower Saxony Medical Association applies.